All aboard the Cavy Train!
A tribute to a marvellous socially inclined species of vegan verbal fur balls. This page is made as a happy tribute to guinea pigs AKA cavies, AKA Cavia porcellus AKA “furry potatoes” AKA “what do you mean they’re not hamsters?” Usually these animals were introduced to us as starter pets and great pets for kids. But many of us are learning that this approach is all wrong. There is no such thing as starter pets. Children should have no pets at all unattended and cavies are much more interesting than just for exercise or in a corner of the room. Many people have paved a road towards knowing this overlooked animal better. We have learned that guinea pigs are exotic to most regions of the world, yet have been domesticated so much through the years that, much like dogs, they have no actual wild counterpart left. Guinea pigs are neither from guinea, not are they pigs. The word cavy is often used as a nice brief alternative. The extensive social life and communication skills of guinea pigs can be really fascinating once you get even a slight hang of it. You heard of the word “wheek?”. Well “wheek” is only a fragment of the voluminous vocabulary of guinea pig language! All aboard the cavy train!

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